J. Hress Design Services:

Consulting | Billing

In a changing economy, with so many products available on the internet at competitive pricing, some people are looking to use interior designers in new ways. Work can be proposed in the form of a project fee or an hourly consultation. This offers a client the ability to shop for the best price available to them. This concept provides challenges to the client that a designer normally takes care of, I.E. delivery, installation, and customer service issues. This approach provides a professionally designed look while allowing the client to have a more hands on role in the project.

A more traditional approach is having the designer handle the complete project adding a percentage onto the whole sale price of every item purchased. If travel is involved, there could be some hourly fees included. The plus to this is that the designer takes care of all the scheduling, delivery. Etc This approach is easier for the client. Especially good for those with very busy lives.